Monday, March 28, 2011

Ramjham: The Royal Magazine of Nepal

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Ramjham is a magazine published by Press Secretariat of the Royal Palace in Nepal during Panchayat system in 18 feb 1965 (See pix 1). It is an important medium to study propaganda of this system. There are two reasons for this. First, it was under full control of the palace. Second, it was a periodical which made a possibility to publish it time to time. More than this is the magazine edited by members of Royal Family. In the first issue, there were six editors-four from the palace and others out of palace. They were Birendra, Shanti, Sharda, Gyanendra Shah, Renu Lal Singh and Nirbikram Pyasi. Among them, Birendra was the editor in chief. It is interesting that he was not more than 20 years at that time. That’s why it was Singh and Pyasi who did the most of work related to the magazine.

This magazine remained for 25 years. During this time, it published articles on different aspects of Nepal. It also published literary materials. Moreover, it also published articles, photos promoting monarchy in Nepal. We can find no article criticizing the panchayat system. At that time, writers could not criticize some holy cows like monarchy, Panchayat system, Hindu religion etc.

In conclusion, what we can say is that this magazine was an avenue for the palace to do propaganda for the system. Due to this, this magazine folded when the system ended.

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