Monday, August 24, 2009

First issue of Kamana.

People interested in Nepali film history must read. It was published from Mangsir 2041. Its editorials give picture of Nepali film industry. Some issues are missing in its office too. I don't know where all issues of this magazine available.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Which is the first Nepali cinema: Satya Harischandra or Harischandra…. ?

These days I am doing a case study of Royal Nepal Film Corporation. That means I am engrossed in cinema and cinema peoples. Going through writings of different people I came to a dilemma. They are not unanimous on the name of first film. Chetan Karki thinks it is Harischandra.

We are taught that the first Nepali film’s name is Satya Harischandra. And D.B.Pariyar is the director. Some still think this film to be a dubbed form of hindi cinema. But Yadav Kharel informed me that the film is Satya Raja Harischandra and it is fully in Nepali. Actually he had seen it. Chetan has not seen it.

But in an interview of D.B.Pariyar published in Kamana magazine, he has not denied when the interview name the film as Satya Harischandra. Pariyar is no more now. According to Kamana magazine, there were only two prints of the film. Fire engulfed one print in Culcutta and Royal Nepal Film Corporation had another one. Both Chetan Kartki and Yadav Kharel knew the palace asked the print and never returned it. Nobody knows where that print is languishing.

Now only way to discern the name is to search the name in Gorkhapatra. And I will definitely do it and let you the real name of the cinema.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where is the report of first Press Council?

It is difficult to study media history in Nepal. We have no well- resourced achieve. If somebody thinks of doing research on press council we can’t find the report of first press council. It is unavailable in Press council Nepal office.
Press Advisory Committee was the main agenda of 1957 Press Commission. So government formed Press Advisory Committee in 1967. It had to work as the link between press and government. It advised government ways to develop press in Nepal. Nayan Bahadur K.C. was president of the committee. Its name was changed into Press Council in 1970. Surendra Bahadur Basnet was president of this council. This is the first press council. And I am searching the report of this council.
Some body says the team of Basnet did not publish report. But I came to know from an article published in Gorkhapatra, nepali daily of 5 August 1971 that there was a draft of report of press council. Well it might be on typed form. But where is the report? My search is going. I am studying press council’s activities in light of National Communication Services Plan (1971-1990). And I have asked many people about the report. Nobody could show this report to me.

Link of Press Council Nepal