Monday, July 13, 2009

Tabloid Journalism and Naya Sandesh

There is no systematic study about Tabloid Journalism in Nepal. Usually this journalism defines news as subject related to sex, crime and money. Any people think newspapers like Janaastha and Naya Patrika are doing this kind of journalism.

Once my teacher Lal Deusa Rai informed me that Ramesh Nath Pandey published ‘sizzling’ photos of models in his newspaper. He was telling me about journalism in Panchayat Period. According Rai, Pandy’s newspaper did sensational type of journalism by publishing half-naked photos of women(See pix above). “Pandey did a thelka”, Rai thinks. Rai must be right. Panchayat government did many things to stop ‘harmful effects’ of western culture.

I came upon the very newspaper of Pandey named Naya Sandesh yesterday while going through newspapers at Tribhuwan University Central Library. His news was sensational too. So were cartoons he published. These cartoons were related to marriage and love. Usually photos of models were at the last page. All of these models were foreigner. They must be from western magazines. What a sight few of photos were missing from newspaper. Somebody had cut them(see pix below).

It must be difficult for him to collect these photos. Today these kind photos are easily available in internet and magazines. Naya Sandesh published these kinds of photos in 1970s. Only Pandey can tell what the motive of these photos was and whether the photos helped in increasing the newspaper’s circulation.

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